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Subj: Re: Feminism, and other Amusements 5/17/00 From Yustas61 

Check enclosed in the mail? Is this valuable enough for you? The product of the most inflated culture, which feed on words and images, expect some words, which are 100 proofs? That’s me, not one word lies. I never inflate value unlike your expectation. Unfortunately to witness the art I describe you have to belong to a select circle of people. I try to do as much as I can for people to let them know about the existence of high art they can be proud of. When my gook is out I will let you know. Thank you for your feedback, friend, very truly yours, Yustas.

Attention to detail is the most important part when trying to solve a puzzle, to uncover hidden truth, to investigate.

Ben writes Subj: Re: What can’t be seen is worth seeing 11/19/99: But people like the idea that something is hidden and what it takes skill to find it. They are horrified when they realize otherwise. As for something like the paintings — they don’t care to search for the painting which are freely shown, they want the “special thing” which is hidden. of this I am relatively certain.

Can’t agree more with what Ben writes. Only what is it one is searching for? This is another question that in its nature quite philosophical.  When I read Ben’s comment I had few thoughts.  First came to mind, what is driving me to find an answer about the paintings by Paul Jaisini. Were they real or not. Are they real or not. My initial interest was not about this matter. But how current popularity of “Invisible” is connected to the early Internet and particularly Paul Jaisini who is a symbol of the current invisible direction widely spread (to be continued on this).

Ben writes that if there’s something hidden it would require skills to find it. At the same time one is learning, not only searching. Therefore I think that having skills to “solve the mystery” etc. means to learn.  I am searching and learning at the same time. It seems that this process changes the path of my search.  On a broader scale we all live in time with a lot of information available. We constantly process this info and continue the learning process. In effect it changes the paths of those who consume the information.  

Perhaps you continue to learn even if you had enough already. The process itself is a discourse because of the constantly changing objective one could not stop in the search for something that “doesn’t exist” - but what it really means that one wants to find something exclusive.  I want to find this very rare and unique art.  I read in the above message by EYKG, that someone who wants to have access - to see the paintings must belong to a small circle of people, for whatever reason.

Am I driven only by the fact that it is nearly impossible to find out the images of paintings? Yes. But I think in the process of search and learning the discourse takes me in a new direction. Fact: My initial interest was not about the paintings. As I already said, I want to understand the current “Invisibility” phenomenon. Would it be something before a next phenomenon develops. If I could understand the meaning of “Invisibility” in a broad sense perhaps there will be understanding of what is coming next to follow the “invisible” period. 

Fact. Presently I am looking to find the authentic source of images that correspond to the paintings known as “Invisible” paintings by Paul Jaisini. 

Fact. While searching/learning I feel happy. But there’s something that must be a part of this process. 

Ecclesiastes 1:18 he that increases knowledge increases sorrow.

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