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One can’t escape a thought that what we see from the responses proves anti—art sympathies most and majority of people share. Is this why they engage instantly engage into a dialogue? They show in the comments that they would continue the dialogue if allowed for as long as the topic relates to the “unseen” painting. You can almost see how this could play out once the demand is satisfied to see the painting by Paul Jaisini. It would satisfy curiosity, do something different for each person.  It won’t change anything in the big picture of how people look at the visual art. Their human curiosity demonstrated in the Paul Jaisini gleitzeit material doesn’t imply any passion for art as it might seem. In the vigorous participation regarding invisibility of art I would observe the obvious disinterest in anything that is commonly known as visual art that is widely available in the age of Internet. It could explain recent phenomena when we see art turning into spectacle that could hold the attention of public.

People dislike the visual arts in present time even more than before. Anyone wants to be the artist but paradoxically anyone still hate the art for the art “elitist” position. True fact that being an artist is considered some unheard of luxury nowadays. Nobody believes that there could be such a concept as “art” choosing the designated talent to carry out the mission of art continuation. Everywhere we hear how art had died before and died now. Art is not something that could die, stop or cease to be. Similarly to God who was proclaimed to be dead.  (God is invisible. God is not dead. Art is invisible. Art is not dead) Why philosophers can’t stop trying to understand what is life? There’s no explanation to life, human condition and similarly there’s no explanation to art. Anything material could be explained, and also could be destroyed. But it is a different story when it comes to matters of human soul, spirituality, creativity and mental capacities. 

Returning to art subject, it seems that people would remain curious about invisible art for one reason only that they can’t process it and move on to something else as soon as they “saw” it. And only if art is about each person in particular it would hold the person’s attention for much longer time.

In a way this seems a sobering observation for me. I was infected with the need to see the paintings in a matter of learning the Gleitzeit material. But my interest is not to satisfy curiosity. It is not FOMO that could be a drive behind other people’s demands to see the artworks. And I am not a believer in something that is realistically is in fact invisible art form. To me the art is sacred, now more than ever. Not denying that suspense is holding hostage to this search. But I fall on my knees to thank the people who carry the torch of true art. TO BE CONTINUED

Replacing grand, universal narratives with small, local narratives

small local narratives - personal art, art of each individual “ME ART”

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