Documenting Gleitzeit 1994-2014

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how is it interactive if you don’t show it


Re: You are contacted 11/28/00 D…. I did a search on ‘marble lady’. I found around 1338 postings by you everywhere! I get the feeling there is no such painting and you building up hype.

Subj: Re: You are contacted 12/6/00 From: E. K.

I’ve got to know. Is there really an artist by the name of…


Does a global world need Global Art—or—does a globalized world produce globalized art?

There’s no more critical establishment to prevent any deviation from what is accepted as fine art. 

But in respect of the environmental issue, we can see that Invisible Art appears to go global. It was never so culturally entwined in variety of concepts but it really seems to become undivided part of the culture after Paul Jaisini placed too many seeds to grow and mature in about a decade into a full-blown movement in visual art, music poetry and architecture.

(Source: paul-jaisini-gleitzeit)


The culture of moral relativism naively favors “alternative”: music, voices, medicine, life styles. The rebellion against traditional values is promoted, often in form of provoking obscene “cultural” expressions.

In the respect of obscene the Invisible Paintings by Paul Jaisini is a truly ingenious in testing the spectators own deviance what was also discovered during the arrival of Invisible Art’s idea to the wide public. 

Interesting to say that we hardly see any other ideas to get so much love from commonly art-hating masses. But surely the fascination with new technology in communication made the internet publication most effective tool of spreading the idea as it happened from 1997.

(Source: paul-jaisini-gleitzeit)